Situation Analysis:

  • Sabion Jewelry House is a Romanian leading brand with tradition in jewelry design and manufacturing, owning 17 stores in the country and many partners worldwide
  • Sabion Jewelry House provides complete collections of gold jewelry with precious and natural stones: a wide range of wedding rings, earrings, necklaces and also a fine selection of watches, writing instruments and leather accessories.
  • Sabion gained accreditation of Gemological Institute of America Global and global innovation in Gold and Tantalum Jewelry
  • Sabion Gallery in Bucharest is the most beautiful store in the world in 2011 according to The Association for Retail Environments in America.
  • The only store in Romania selling pieces designed by famous designer Gianni Lazzaro

Our Approach

Functional positioning –  communication regarding  financial aspects: the best price ratio on the precious jewelry market due to national production.
Affective positioning – communication based on the idea that jewelery responds to affective needs. Engagement, wedding, baptism, wedding anniversary or other important moments are marked by special jewelry, which then gifted to descendants, shall establish beside the value of investment, an invaluable emotional legacy. Sabion are created manually, each piece being unique.
Symbolic positioning – communication based on the fact that the Sabion jewelery contributes to the social differentiation of the person wearing it. Without being ostentatious, the Sabion jewel is for the elites, for those who understand the true value of the handcraft.

Integrated Communications Plan

  • Media Relations
  • Public Relations
  • Celebrity Endorsement
  • Event Management
  • Online PR
  • Branding


Official launch of Sabion Galleries in Bucharest, a 3 days event dedicated to premium clients, press representatives and influencers
Successful media relations providing more than 80 press releases and brand mentions in lifestyle and business publications
More than 10 lifestyle event partnerships
More than 7 public figures wore Sabion jewelry on public appearances and TV shows during our collaboration

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