The Challenge

  • Running since 1980, BSB holds a leading position in the European industry of women’s fashion & apparel. The company today has an extensive network comprising 105 exclusive BSB stores. The company’s international vision is expressed through an ambitious plan to operate abroad, currently having a strong presence in a total of 21 countries.
  • The target group of BSB is women between 18 to 34 years who love fashion, live a modern lifestyle and want to express their personality and their femininity through their wardrobe choices.
  • In Romania, BSB launched the first mono-brand store in 2005 and in 2012, with the launching of the first street store, downtown Bucharest, the strategic business objective was to start communicating the brand through an omni-channel campaign
  • The communication challenge was to raise awareness for a fashion retail brand that did not benefit as much as their competitors from the support of a large retail group

Our Approach 

  • The first step was to organize an opening event for the first BSB street store in Romania
  • The objective of this event was to create buzz around for the brand and to facilitate direct contact between media representatives, bloggers, KOLs from lifestyle area, celebrities and the brand
  • Following the event, fashion and lifestyle journalists received information about the brand, lookbook photos as well as still life images in order to have all the necessary materials to communicate to their target about the opening and about BSB collections
  • Since then, each collection is launched with a press event
  • Bloggers campaign conceived to express the idea of versatility of BSB clothes
  • Fashion magazines presence
  • TV shows collaborations
  • Celebrities endorsement
  • BSB brand story and business model featured in the most important business & news media
  • Launching a Facebook page for Romania


  • more than 100 BSB products have been featured each season in the lifestyle magazines
  • 30 Romanian celebrities have been choosing BSB outfits for their public appearance
  • BSB clothes have been featured in more than 15 TV shows
  • The Facebook page has reached 65 000 fans
  • BSB became one of the most important fashion retail actors in the Romanian market
  • There is at least one BSB store in the largest cities in Romania
  • There are 23 stores Romania and the objective is to open at least one new store each year
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